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Proudly serving Corona,CA & surrounding areas
Phone/Text: 949.394.0199
Email: order@thesugarhues.com
Hours: By Appointment Only


The Sugar Hues formerly known as Love & Butter Treats is owned and operated by me, Nadia Lakhani, a pastry artist and is located in Corona,California.


Being a passionate confectionery artist, I love to take my clients ideas and turn them into delicious treats elevating their special occasion. For me baking all started in 2015 during my last trimester of my first pregnancy, I was on a roll of creating and trying new recipes to satisfy my cravings. One day one of my friends had mentioned how she can't find a decent blueberry cheesecake in Orange County, so I took it as a challenge and was determined to create the best one. I took my first draft to a friends party thinking okay no one is going to even eat this. Also, I worried, do people even like blueberries, I served the cheesecake (version 1.0) and 5 minutes later, people were scraping the serving plate for seconds. I was excited, one, that people actually ate blueberries, and two, that they couldn't get enough. I ended up getting requests to bring that to every get-together. The more I baked, the more I tinkered, the better they got. From there, the rest is history. Now, you have a perfect cheesecake, from beginning to the last buttery crumb.

I take every order request very seriously and create each one with love, patience, and fresh ingredients all from scratch. I bake to create the perfect dessert for you and your loved ones to enjoy.